User Reviews For: An Officer and a Princess The Stanbury Crown, Royally Wed IV


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chicobaby04 Rating
this one is my favorite of this miniseries i really like this story there were some funny part it sucks that adam held back with his love for her only to find out it was all for nothing
1ch1me Rating
This story is between Princess Isabel and Lieutenant Adam Sinclair who first met each other in the marines. She has admired him ever since while Adam was stunned by her beauty. Their love story started to turn because the King has been kidnapped and so Isabel asked Adam to be her husband and go undercover to find the culprit. As husband and wife, of course they have to show that they really are in love and so they kissed. Was the kiss just a pretend from Adam or did he also want to kiss her, like Isabel has been craving for his kiss ever since then? Anyways, the ending was cute and wonderful! I love the quote, "Status and money are not important. It's love that matters." Awww! Totally love everything about it: great story and amazing artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT!
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