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chicobaby04 Rating
i think its really cute story it was great that trudy is trying to make her favorite show to happen in reality for her and with linc as her bodyguard and tour guide and during that time did they fall in love? was trudy able to get her dream coming true? come and read i recommend it
1ch1me Rating
Trudy has been living in Kansas for the past 26 years and now she's leaving the hometown where she grew up. Trudy wants to work in Manhattan and find romance there. Linc is from a rich family, a top trader and an ultimate playboy. "Will these two, a country girl and a city boy, fall in love with each other?" I thought at first. Neither of them are seeking for a serious relationship, so both of them decided to just "sleep together?" Their rule is that they can "sleep together", but they must sleep in their own beds. All I could say is that the story was funny, sad, and thrilling because there were lots of things going on in the story. So, if you want to know how Trudy changed Linc's point of view of a family? How he came to realize his/her feeling to one another? Then, you must read this exciting story between a country girl and a city boy! The ending was so cute! Both the story and artwork were amazing, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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