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1ch1me Rating
4 years ago, 18 years old Jasmine has a bittersweet memory of what Tariq had told her the day they were supposed to leave together. 4 years have passed, however, knowing about Tariq's words from 4 years ago, she still set foot on Zulheil. So when she arrived at Zulheil, she changed to a very beautiful clothes and she's about to get married to Tariq. Is marriage the imprisonment Tariq was talking about? Whether they married for love each or not, they still want each other badly. Anyways, it was great that I get to read this wonderful story between a Prince and an ordinary woman from a foreign land. If you are wondering what exactly happened to the both of them after their marriage, then I suggest you read it! Both artwork and story were definitely amazing, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
i couldnt believe my eyes when tariq actually kept his promise from 4 years ago, and those cousin of jasmine is a b excuse me for saying that but she is twisted like a stepsister from cinderella story she truly treated her like one, im glad jasmine is out of her family's grip and in tariq's
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