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chicobaby04 Rating
its really cute story, its about luc who inherited the mastiff from his grandmother and he doe not know what to do with him for he destroyed the couch, and very mischievous so luc took the dog to julia hoping she can help train and after some time of trying they finally realize that the dog did not understand english for grandmother always talk to the dog in Italian then the dog was able to follow commands and everything. did julia and luc fall in love with each other during the time of training? what happens after the training complete? come and find out i recommend this manga
oathbreaker1 Rating
Let me just say this I love dogs and cats and every thing furry. That being said the characters in this story are so engaging that i would read again. Puppy is so smart he brought both of them together and he knew that the glove is in the couch. But I always like how the main objective was listed at the beginning of the chapter and every thing played out. I have a blood hound so i understand about drooling. Please enjoy very funny and engaging story.
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