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chicobaby04 Rating
its sad that she left him because of misunderstanding, and she came back to get divorce her hubby accepted on one condition she has to act as his wife again to keep elanie away and she met asina who is supposedly to be his mistress but its not what she thought and after she found out the truth about his supposedly a mistress they rekindle their flame. i recommend this manga its pretty good manga i like it
1ch1me Rating
Dimitri Angelaki and Olivia had been married for about 6 months, but he saw him with a pregnant woman and this caused her to leave him and went back to London. After 3 years, she went back to Greece to get a divorce from her cheating husband, Dimitri. From Dimitri's point of view, though, he thought that Olivia just married him for his money. They meet again and Dimitri asked her that they'll pretend to have gotten back together, then she agreed to play along so that he'll sign the divorce papers. But one night, she saw a gift for a 3 yr. old boy named Theo, and assumes that it is the child from the pregnant woman from 3 years ago. Anyways, I'll leave the story up to that point, so if you are curious about what happened to their love story, then read this great story! For me, it was worth the time reading this great story! I rate it 5 stars for the great story and great artwork! I definitely recommend it!
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