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1ch1me Rating
Natalie is intelligent and a very beautiful woman while Mackenzie is very handsome and also a caring older brother to his younger siblings. Vivian is Mackenzie's little sister and Natalie's best friend and also the "link" that connected the two. They are like sisters! Anyways, back to the story, on a stormy night when the man Natalie thought she'd marry got to an accident, she was in grief, but then Mackenzie promised her that he would "teach" her. Then, Natalie has been waiting for "that day" to come, but Mackenzie got into an accident trying to stop bulls that went wild which caused him to lose sight in one eye. Will losing his one eyesight cause him to lose Natalie's love for him too? In this story, it was not only about their love story, but also a friendship story on the side too! It was a great story, I would say, and for the ending, it's a two thumbs up for me. Overall, I rate it 5 stars because of the great story and the great artwork! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
i thought it was an sweet story it was sad that he lied to her in first place but hey im glad everything worked out for them in end come and read u will enjoy this story
airabella12 Rating
The story line is great and I love the happy ending. I like all of the Harlequin K.K. books they all have great story lines and you can really get in to them the art would is great just like in this book. And the Romantic they have is so sweet in the end true love wins not mater what. For sure read this one and the rest you will get hocked very fast
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