User Reviews For: The Millionaire's Secret Wish Million Dollar Men III


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chicobaby04 Rating
this is one of the three miniseries, not my favorite one but its really good story, im glad she were able to survive from the accident and they were able to finally come together
1ch1me Rating
Third and last part of the Million-Dollar Men series, Dylan Barrows', third member of the secret Millionaire's Club, story. To start off his story, his fiancee, Alisa Jennings got into an accident trying to chase a neighbor's dog. And this incident got Alisa's memories of Dylan, forgotten. Well, why would her memories with him be forgotten? Is it because of what the synopsis had stated, she caught him cheating with a woman? Well, all I could say about it is that someone was behind all those acts he has done to get Alisa away from him. Anyways, you'll see when you read this. You'll see how he really loves her. It was a fun story, too, with these three millionaire friends together! The story was great and the artwork was good, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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