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KingOfK3arts Rating
This manga was pretty mediocre honestly. A couple of the stories were funny and cute but there's about 6ish stories so at least half of them were bummers. The smut scenes were also pretty underwhelming for me nothing too interesting or captivating happened. The most “interesting” part of this manga was probably the last story but that's only because I was appalled by how non consensual it was. He had to wh*re himself out to cover his as**ole dads debts and when he is finally able to repay them his dad gambles away a ton of other money so they have to sell the house. So he has to go back and wh*re himself out again even though he hated the person he was sold to. He never loved the guy and like I said all of the smut scenes were PG and uninteresting. Honestly I would rent the first story again but the rest of this volume isn't great, it's barely mediocre.
shaniblue Rating
My favorite was the 3rd story. Funny, cute and sexy!
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