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Guest Rating
This is a wonderful piece of work. The two characters broke up in the past over a misunderstandings of circumstances. They meet again some two years or so and I am glad that things finally clear up and they find their happy ending together.
chicobaby04 Rating
i cant believe they split up because of bogus report, only if he had show her the report all this wouldnt have happened but im glad everything works out i recommend this manga i like it very much
1ch1me Rating
The story starts off with Rashad being asked by his father to get married and even a foreign bride is welcome, his father said. Rashad had a lover in England five years ago, but he dumped her beacuse of a report which stated that she had slept with men. After 5 years, they meet again and made an agreement with each other that Tilda were to obey Rashad's orders until he get tired of her for 500,000 pounds. Anyways, I suggest you read this story, so that you will know what exactly happened between them from the past and what will their future be. One things for sure, for me, I really love what happens after lovers clears up misunderstandings. The ending of the story was definitely great! Both story and artwork were amazing, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
bethelove Rating
I love Tilda - How she love her family and will doing thing help them. Ever face Rashad and agree to his terms. But Rashad will do anything to have her and when find out the info he giving about her totally wrong. He and Tilda find way to still be together; also get their happy family, too. A good story to read...
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