User Reviews For: The Most Coveted Prize Russian Rivals I


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chicobaby04 Rating
i am surprised that she still forgive him despite of what he have done, i will say he was stupid to do such thing to alena but im glad kiryil woke up and turn it around i recommend this manga
1ch1me Rating
Alena is so cute when she's flustered, but she's definitely a gorgeous woman. Kiryl, on the other hand, is a charismatic man and looks really serious. Alena is really an innocent woman, but she fell in love with Kiryl, who is going to do anything to win the contract against Alena's brother. So, after he learned about them, he approaches Alena who does not have the knowledge that she is just being "used". Anyways, you wanna know about how their love story went on? How Alena reacted when she learned that Kiryl just "used" her? How Kiryl had finally felt that he really loves Alena deeply? How the story ended? Anyhow, I can conclude that I love how the story ended! It was awesome! 5 stars for both awesome story and artwork! I definitely recommend it!
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