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1ch1me Rating
Meredith and Rey met for the first time in an odd way because Rey thought that Meredith was a hooker who pretended to save his brother's life. Meredith, on the other hand, is not a person who would do that because she is a very kind person. Anyways, after being hit and taking off from work for a month, Meredith was asked to go to the five brother's house when they learned that she knows how to bake biscuits. Seems like these brothers love biscuits a lot! Then their love story started to flow while they were under the same roof. As for me, I enjoyed reading it! The ending was expected because I just knew that their love for each other can't be apart for too long. If you want to know their full love story, then you must read this. Both artwork and story were really good, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
i thought this one were very cute story, she sure was brave to save the guy from thugs, i will admit she was crazy not to ask for help when she saw 2nd snake im glad she didnt get bitten. anyway this is really good manga i recommend it
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