User Reviews For: Forbidden DNA - A Society Where Sex is Forbidden


3.6 out of 5

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HorseObsessed Rating
Great story, I like how it ended. I'm curious about Takao & Akame, what happens in their relationship. Do they get married, live the rest of their lives together as well? That would be nice to find out.
jynie Rating
Graphics inside less desirable compared to its cover. Story also progress slowly.
Tigersmeow Rating
The story wasn't what I was looking for, and it wasn't all that exciting either.
Pinkswag41 Rating
I like this !!!!!
LuverDNA82 Rating
The art was beautiful. It had a rare, unique plot line. This is a great couple. Their chemistry is strong. I really liked it.
MorningLynn Rating
Fantastic plot line. Definitely a reread!
Christine Rating
A very interesting manga where the heroine have no knowledge about sex at all. Pretty unusual compared to other typical love manga. Recommended!!
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