User Reviews For: The Darkest Kiss Lords of the Underworld II


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MissPinkamena Rating
I really loved this book! I believed this story was beautiful. The love between these two people was very heartfelt, everything thing that they go through makes me cry and I think/know that the anthor put alot feeling and heart into making this amazing love story.
chicobaby04 Rating
this time its about the death keeper well its really good and interesting, as i said previously i wish i have read this long ago instead of putting it off didnt realize this story is really good
mangafreak Rating
Read this book and absolutely love it!!!
SalNat123 Rating
Love the story. I cried and laughed the whole time. ANYA always managed to get Lucien to loosen up and play and I loved her for it. It felt like reading the whole series from the beginning again. so THANK YOU to Gena and Yoko for this.
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