User Reviews For: [Sold by Chapter] Because I'm a Maid!


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missylao Rating
Well 1st chapter is interesting.. Kinda keeps u excite & expectant for what's gonna happen in the next chapter!
Nora990 Rating
sooo cute the maid . this is one of my favorite manga
lovemekyoya Rating
wow she just out do herself and even consider all of them in mind its a must read for all chapters
Candylover83 Rating
I thought this story will be about how she beg to be their maid and they said ok but I was wrong this story is cute and I love this story and I can't wait to see who she will fall in love with first
HoneyLavenderTea Rating
While the story has its flaws, mostly to do with motivations and backstory, it's very sweet. Worth the read if you're looking for a light and cute story.
EternityMoon Rating
The story is so awesome! An unusual plot, but the characters and how nicely its written is lovely. Very enjoyable, I look forward to more chapters!
RestlessReader Rating
This is a really sweet and innocent story that I think a lot of people will have trouble not falling in love with. I hope that as the story continues I will continue to see the heroines' hard work pay off and the sweet feelings of the story continue.
EMary852 Rating
In just one chapter, you can easily know that the story is good to read and many can interest how the story will go.
alh2015 Rating
Just when it was getting good too.... And the waiting game once again -_- I'm rooting for you Karen!!!
Japaneseatheart101 Rating
I loved this! The story is so sweet,and despite all odds, Karen's dream came true.I'll read this again and again!
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