User Reviews For: Fight! Twin Battle: A Fight Between Life and Death


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abcdefgh Rating
This is a good story. The illustration is really good
MrShadows5666 Rating
The first story was ok but basically smutThe second story with the cop was much more flushed out and I really enjoyed reading it it's another body swap story but more detailed characters
ShiinaMH Rating
The two stories are connected with each other. It doesn't explain well but.... I like the second story ^^ It's amusing and unique in itself. Just read it and you'll understand what I mean. Though if you don't like swap in both terms(roles and bodies) then I advise you not to read any further. Hehe^^
PassionDevourer Rating
It seems like there are two stories here, but they are both part of the same universe. I personally like the second story more, but the first would have more potential if it wasn't so rushed.
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