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I feel like she made the wrong choice. There is some serious non-consent in the first chapter, and Riku internalizes and blames herself for it. I don't agree with that and I think he should be called out on it properly. But the story does kind of go in an interesting direction, and it's curious to see where it goes.
The stories are really sweet and heartwarming. I'd love to see follow-up volumes featuring move of the dynamic between those two. The mystery they bait us with is fun too.
I love the dynamic of the characters. Looking forward to what comes next.
That was really cute.
This was a really cool idea and a fun ride throughout. Love the chemistry too. Good work and thank you for the treat.
The story is really sweet and exciting so far. Look forward to seeing how these two grow closer together. Also wonder if she'll have a chance to meet his son. Feel like that would be an interesting situation to introduce.
It seems like there are two stories here, but they are both part of the same universe. I personally like the second story more, but the first would have more potential if it wasn't so rushed.
This was such a sweet story. I love how their relationship with each other develops. Almost wish I could see a sequel story with them as a happy family raising children together. I think they would make amazing parents and have a 'grow old together' relationship that I don't see with most of the other stories I read. In short, good work.
It's quite a fascinating story so far. Very steamy and the plot seems to be going in quite the interesting direction. I can't wait to see how certain elements play out.
I love where this is going currently. It's quite interesting to see two people so blatantly opposed to communication attempt to figure a way out of their predicaments. I look forward to seeing where it goes next.
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