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This was such a sweet story. I love how their relationship with each other develops. Almost wish I could see a sequel story with them as a happy family raising children together. I think they would make amazing parents and have a 'grow old together' relationship that I don't see with most of the other stories I read. In short, good work.
It's quite a fascinating story so far. Very steamy and the plot seems to be going in quite the interesting direction. I can't wait to see how certain elements play out.
I love where this is going currently. It's quite interesting to see two people so blatantly opposed to communication attempt to figure a way out of their predicaments. I look forward to seeing where it goes next.
This is such a unique premise. I'd really like to see it explored further in future volumes. My main concern is that the characters don't seem as well-developed as they should be, so I'm worried that the story will be less interesting the longer it continues. In the meantime though, I look forward to seeing more in the future.
The concept is interesting, but the first chapter is difficult to get into. It seemed to start with a flashforward before immediately switching to a scene that didn't set up the story very well. It felt more like opening the door and interrupting something than a beginning, which made adjusting to the story a bit difficult. From there, the remainder of the chapter felt rather rushed. I think the first several pages would have been better served to assist the exposition and smooth out the story a bit better.
Hahaha! That last page is just the best! Really entertaining story. I like how it differed from my expectations and I definitely recommend. If I have any nitpick, I would've like to learn a little more about the bartender's life, but as is I am quite satisfied.
It is very cute. An interesting and unique idea that I think could have been better explored. As is, it will do for a light read, but I definitely think it could use a sequel for better characterization and exploration of the topic.
What a fascinating story. There's definitely something going on that I'd love to discover the cause of soon. If I have any complaints, I suppose I'd like to see a bit more character development with our big three characters. Wouldn't mind learning a bit more about that school nurse either. Still, I love what I've read so far and I'm craving to read more soon. Thank you for the treat.
I am interested from the first chapter alone. My only thing is that Mr. Protagonist should have a few questions for himself. Considering how hypnotism can't force anyone to do something they truly don't want to do, he should probably be having a question of identity right about now. Still, I love how the chapter establishes tension and plot so easily. Unlike a lot of the manga I read, this one doesn't rely on an info dump to kick-start the story. Definitely going to keep reading.
It's a cute story, but I feel like it could have used more character development than was provided for us. As it stood by the end of the story, I did not feel a strong investment in the character's struggles and the end felt unearned. Personally, I think that simplifying the plot and keeping it to just one or two points of conflict would have helped with character growth. There were parts that felt like filler content and could have been written differently to have better relevance to the story. I do not regret reading it, but it can use some improvements.
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