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chicobaby04 Rating
i agree with other reviewer alessio is handsome, lindsay went to see alessio in search for her sister, and somehow he drove her into filling in the spot for her sister while ruby is off somewhere else to Caribbean for the case whats going to happen while they are on trip? will there be love? did lindsay find her sister? curious? come and read i recommend this manga, also this is one of my favorite artwork
1ch1me Rating
Allesio Capelli is really handsome, but a ruthless divorce attorney and he is the last man Lindsay wants to see on earth. They are just so opposite with each other because Lindsay's job is to solidify relationships while Allesio's job is to put an end to relationships. So, at first, I was wondering, "Will they fall for each other despite their differences?" But, as I read through the story, these two characters were slowly falling for each other while Lindsay was working as Allesio's secretary in place of her little sister, Ruby. Their love story was not one of those relationships that started in a normal way, but whatever way it all started, as long as their love for each other wins at the end, it is definitely a story that made me had fun reading. I really love how the story ended! Anyways, both story and artwork were great, so I rate it 5 stars. I definitely recommend it!
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