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chicobaby04 Rating
i feel sorry for the lady after enduring his insults and bashing but im glad they were able to overcome the misunderstanding and allow themselves to love each other without holding back curious ? come and read
kathyjulia Rating
The first renta purchase I had. Reading this once in a while still breaks my heart ;)
1ch1me Rating
Gabriella is Rufus' step-sister and he doesn't seem to like the arrangement because he believed that Gabriella's mom just wanted him for money, but as I read on, it was a real love between their mother and father. After Gabriella's mother died, Rufus' father followed shortly "as if he needs to be with his love." Anyways, Rufus' father left a will that states, "Gabriella and Rufus will have to live together in The Gresham House for 6 months as husband and wife!?" Will they be able to fulfill the condition of the will? Will they fall for each other in those 6 months while living together? I can surely say that I enjoyed reading the story and I loved it! The finale was definitely something that I wanted to see! Great story plus great artwork equals 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
Alice Arisu Rating
Such a cute story. The ending was so good. The artist did such an amazing job and I would definitely reread this story again!!!
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