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1ch1me Rating
Again, I admit, I definitely was captivated by the full colored title page, yet again. The story began after the "one night stand" between the two main characters. Then they meet again when Jewel was hired to be Piers' new assistant, however after she was hired, Piers called the human resources to "get rid of her"! How awful and "coward" would he be? As the story went on, five months later, Jewel is pregnant with Piers' child. He is not buying it though, since he wants a paternity test to make sure that it's his. As the story went on, I understood why he had to do all that and why he could not trust Jewel at first because he had experienced something terrible from the past. Anyways, I will stop from there because it is for you to see what really happened in the story. I can say one thing for sure, it was definitely a great story to read and the ending was so beautiful to see! 5 stars for both the amazing story and artwork! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
this is one of three miniseries, it was good that he came to see her when she was in hospital it sucks that there was all misunderstanding regarding to work that led her to be fired when she was supposed to be transferred but im glad things works out for them, i recommend this manga
bethelove Rating
Awesome Final part of the 3 brother stories...
lovemekyoya Rating
after one painful love it takes time for the heart to heal and by starting a new love can heal that heart and make you happy.. love always prevails yay yay yay love. true love heals the heart :-D
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