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1ch1me Rating
What can I say? I'm amazed how the story went from the start till the end! The story starts off with the very beautiful Annie narrating about how he met "Etienne" and how her love died along with the death of "Etienne", but he left behind a cute little baby. Years passed and their son has grown up. He has grown to a kid who has the same eyes as his father. Well, for the record, "Etienne" did not die and now he is a man named Michael Harding, a famous mystery author and the tearoom landlord. How will he reveal to Annie that he is still alive? Will he just hide that he was "Etienne" and make her fall for who he is now? Wondering how their love story went? Then, I suggest that you read this amazing story! Anyways, I really enjoyed reading it and really loved the flow of the story. The ending was really great! Both story and artwork were great, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
I have to say i agree with first review after i checked out the preview and it wasnt enough for me to stop and look at other mangas i had to read it and it was really good. i got to admit the title matches the story perfectly. i dont want to say anything else due to spoilers. curious? i recommend you to read
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