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chicobaby04 Rating
funny how a car accident would bring them both together, both have been betrayed and both were afraid to try love again, but im glad they decided to overcome that fear and get together i really like this story its well written
oathbreaker1 Rating
Even though I feel sorry for Laura because not only did her husband cheat on her it was exposed to the world when he died. Both of them through experiences with there past partners are hurt and have trust issues. Can you learn to love and trust someone again or will you just give up. I am very glad that both took the path of love because being alone is painful and lonely. Enjoy this elegant and sweet story on a rainy afternoon you will not regret it.
1ch1me Rating
Laura Taylor's husband died in an accident on a trip with his mistress four years ago. Poor Laura, I pity her, but with the pretty and very kind looking face she has, she will definitely find THE MAN that will love her and her two children. Logan Powers, on the other hand, is the new president where Laura works at. Even before she learned about it, they have encountered each other in a minor accident. Their first encounter with each other was not good. Even so, he still did not fire her. Will Logan, who was also a married man, be THE MAN Laura is waiting for? Does Logan have the will to marry again after what happened to his first marriage? The answers to those questions can be only revealed once you read this wonderful story! Anyways, the ending was really great! Overall, 5 stars for both the story and the artwork! It was definitely amazing so, I would totally recommend it!
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