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lovemekyoya Rating
That teacher is who I truly call a devil to make someone that loves him watch him have sex with that Parsons best friend right after sharing a deep kiss with him
ILikeIt Rating
A scumbag male teacher assault underage female students. It really turns me off, yuck!
heyyyjude Rating
the story line was interesting. I definitely think the tokens amount for the whole story is worth it. he truly is a seductive devil teacher. Definitely think its an interesting take on the teacher x student love thing.
Dragonmomma3 Rating
Was good and definitely lives up to the name.
Aaziya Rating
Very interesting read. Bits of drama and character realization made it worth the read
1life1love Rating
It was good. But it could have been better. I
bethelove Rating
Will, I got say for Mr.Suwabe was one damage guy from that ex-girlfriend of his; So it was no wonder that two of his students want him and only can make wanted to change too. It was good story that had good twist and turns.
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