User Reviews For: Shock and Horror! Uncensored Web Streaming -Sexual Judgment Unto Traitors-


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zzzzz Rating
Wasn't entirely sure what to rate this one, since it's definitely different from most of what I've read on here. I was kind of expecting something different based on the types of things that are in the same genre. If you're looking for something light-hearted or fun or rewarding at the end, this is not for you, and it is rushed, as most of these shorter volumes are. However, that being said, the art style is great and a little different, and the end was definitely unexpected, so if you can handle some angst, it's worth the price.
pretear15 Rating
Not worth buying. I regret trying this one. It has potential for like a dark revenge yaoi but it was so rushed and skipped over so many details I just felt it was lacking to call it a yaoi.
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