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heyyyjude Rating
for a short story, I thought it was fantastic. the story is kind of what you would expect looking at the cover. however, I just thought that it had a satisfying ending. yes, I would have loved for the story to keep going, but it's nice when a short story can give you a satisfying ending and not feel like it was an abrupt thrown together last minute story.
1ch1me Rating
This story sure had all 3 sadistic brothers tease their cute, innocent looking housekeeper, Ito Mei. The eldest brother, Ryo, middle brother, Yuma, and youngest brother, Hiroto are all "ridiculously handsome" as Ito Mei had described them. Hiroto is an university researcher and he's currently making Love Potions!? Are those love potions the reason why all three of them are so "attracted" to her and do things that she never experienced? The ending was good because she ended up with the person who I was expecting! Anyways, if you wanna know who the person is and what exactly happened, then read it, but "read it at your own risk" since it is a Love Manga! Both story and artwork were good, so I rate it 5 stars! I recommend it!
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