User Reviews For: The 30-Year-Old Virgin


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Shathisaperera Rating
Sweet and cute... well... spoiler* the girl ends up with Kai...
hanis123456 Rating
Just short and sweet and straightforward. Nothing really special here but it does leave you with fuwa fuwa feeling.
Lovelyone Rating
Short and sweet.
earthrolls Rating
Nice and cheap quick read, gradually builds up to very interesting last pages but overall quite previsible
1ch1me Rating
The main girl is a clean freak because every guy she went out with ends up breaking up with her and that is also the reason why she's still a virgin at the age of 30. She's 30, but she looks really pretty. So, there's definitely a guy "near" her who understands and loves her for what she is and that guy will definitely "cure" that illness of her. After reading the story, I was like, "Why would you look somewhere when he is just right beside you!" Anyways, if you are curious to what exactly happened, then you must read it! The artwork and the story was both fine, so I rate it 5 stars! I recommend it!
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