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chicobaby04 Rating
just saying if i was a male meeting her would be big turn off for me shes way too ocd but im glad things worked out well for them, artwork is great!! so is story i recommend this manga
1ch1me Rating
Mallory Trent is a lawyer and so does, Carter Compton. Mallory is pretty and is attracted to Carter, but Carter is known for being a playboy from when they were still in law school and until now. Carter sure is living up to his title, "a playboy", since he's now more handsome. Now that they saw each other again, as lawyers, they're going to work on the same case? And the both of them are going to stay at a single suite? Anyways, for their love story, they sure do love each other, but they just did not know how to express it so that it will be requited. I had fun reading the story because there was lots of things going on, like getting advice, pretending to have dates and more! So, if you want to know how these two finally express how they really felt for each other, then read it! I can say that, I had fun reading it and I love their interactions in the story. I rate it 5 stars because both story and artwork were great! I definitely recommend it!
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