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chicobaby04 Rating
story were ok, artwork sucks though. only thing tthat impressed me is emma still were willing to work for dominique after what he did. i for one wouldnt. i would just say u can shove it up your A** but then again during that period that would be unladylike i suppose lol
abcdefgh Rating
This is the cutest manga ever
lovemekyoya Rating
It was wrong to say you lived her only for her money n now that you meet again you're in love with her for real and the twist is the most lovely part of all and it just shows how love really is real and love like that make me say I want that to happen to me I redolent it to all love story rules
Steffstar Rating
All in all, it was a good story, but it moved too fast. The current two volumes had enough plot to fill at least three or four volumes. I liked the love story, and really loved Emma's backstory. In fact, it was her backstory that captured my attention. The Earl was rather cardboard, I must say. Very typical dashing and the whole "I'm distant because I must be" kind of father. Our villains were one-sided. Emma and the little girl (Leticia?) were the real stars.
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