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chicobaby04 Rating
i got to admit it annoys me that women tend to decide to not to say anything to the father and hid their child/children out of fear or other reasons, guess they dont usually think of consequences that would affect the father. but this storyline is wonderful from start to the end, im glad they were able to work it out, curious? come and read
Calovere Rating
The artwork is gorgeous, the characters are cute, and the locations - or what we see of them - are fairly realistically drawn. Story wise it's your basic "break up, secret child, couple reunites" story, and really the story is the only major letdown. If you're looking for something of substance and character development, move along. If you're looking for short and sweet, then this is the nice, sugary little time filler for you.
Firiaru Rating
I would've rated this a 1 because of its convenient tropes, but because the art was so pretty, I gave it a 2. Luc selflessly abandoned Bronte and her child because he had a good reason to, but once that reason was gone he selfishly tried to get her back in his life by threatening and blackmailing her. When he found out about his child, he even threatened to take her away from Bronte, the exact one thing she feared. Bronte forgives him really easily after finding out about his reasons. Luc and his mother both guilt-trip Bronte for making them miss out on 1 year of Ella's life, when she did already try to contact Luc. But soon after this, his mother thanks Bronte for making Luc so happy. If I have to say there's a character written almost properly and that I would be Bronte's mother. There are just so many problems with the character writing and maybe it was my fault for taking this seriously...but I'll say that the art is nice.
1ch1me Rating
I have read this harlequin manga a few times already, but I just can't get enough of its wonderful artwork along with its great story, like the description of the story states, it is how it is, but read it for yourself and see how the story went & ended. But as for me, I love how the story went from the beginning till the ending! That's why I definitely recommend it!
sayjo Rating
love the art, to be honest though he'd of lost his chance the moment he blackmailed me, even if I had a kid with him. Still, the story was okay
regyne55 Rating
Nice art but it is very superficial. I was cringing very hard throughout the story...
Magickitten1 Rating
Predictable with a super fast plot, no character deployment, and no real story line. Glad I rented. The Art was good
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