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1ch1me Rating
Fleur and Matt's love story was like Romeo and Juliet's love story, but the ending of this story is totally different, so rest assured that it DOES NOT end in tragedy! Anyways, the story started where both of them were getting married 6 years ago. Then the story shifts to 6 years later, and then there's Tom, who's an adorable kid and a living proof of their love 6 years ago, but will he meet his father anytime soon? After, reading the story, I can conclude that a love that was broken once is NOT THE END for couples who are deeply in love with each other and that love can bring them back together and ends with a Happy Ending! Anyways, if you wanna know what's the real issue between their family and how their love started again after the break up, then this is a MUST READ! 5 stars for the great story along with the great artwork! I definitely recommend it!
scerazade90 Rating
It's wonderful love story
chicobaby04 Rating
i feel sorry that luc didnt know for 5 yrs that he had son well rather 6 years, it would have been nice if she told him from start, again there was family conflicts and issues so i cant really say anything but im glad it finally works out and goes their way like it was supposed to do all these years, curious?? i agree with previous review this is a must read!!!
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