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chicobaby04 Rating
flora sure is very cheerful girl, and caused big chaos in matt's life. but im glad it worked out in end its really good story i enjoyed this manga
1ch1me Rating
Flora, who's a temporary personal secretary for her bestie, is really pretty and sexy. On the other hand, Matt is an attractive man and a president of a company too. I love Flora's character: she's easygoing and I think that being with her is pretty fun! After meeting her "ex-boyfriend" again and with a woman, she suddenly told them that Matt Davenport is gonna be her date!? Moving along, Matt asked Flora to play a role as a "fake fiancee?" Will these two, who started as "fake engaged couple", ever love each other for REAL? How will these charade go on? Wondering the answers to those questions? I dare you to read this awesome harlequin manga! I wished there was an epilogue, but I still love the ending! It was a really fun story and the artwork was great! I rate it 5 stars and I would totally recommend it!