User Reviews For: The Desert Lord's Bride Throne Of Judar II


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chicobaby04 Rating
i dont know about you guys but if i was in her shoe even after having a experience such a love like that even if he deceived me in the end i would still say yes. because one can tell that shehab really loves farah after that stonefish incident i really love this story
1ch1me Rating
Their first meeting at a costume party was the point where their "love story" begins. Farah wore a revealing costume while Shebab's costume covered his face, but those eyes of his could express how handsome he is under the cloth covering his face. Farah and Shebab "felt a rush of heat" when they both set their eyes on each other. "Does Shebab sincerely telling her the truth?" I thought, well, he's already lying in the first place because he did not tell her who he really is. But suddenly he and Farah is on a plane and going to his "island" for a vacation? Anyways, if you're wondering how their love story, which started with a "lie", ends, then you must read this! All I can say is that I enjoyed reading it and I love the flow of their love story and I was also satisfied with the ending. The story was definitely awesome and the artwork was great, so I rate it 5 stars! I certainly would recommend this!
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