User Reviews For: The Desert Lord's Baby Throne Of Judar I


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chicobaby04 Rating
one of my favorite sheikh stories. i always loved their story for some reason, not sure why but i just do. the artwork is done pretty good, storyline were done very wonderful job. only thing i do not like about harlequin comic is mother usually run away and kept confident about being pregnant without telling the father till they found out on their own or something like that. but still i read it anyway lol. i really enjoyed this story
1ch1me Rating
I have always liked stories like this harlequin manga. A story about a prince and an ordinary woman that should've just lasted 3 months, which it did, but some miracle happened that brought them back together again. Their love story was like getting back to square one after their second meeting. I was happy they got back together, though it was more like it was "forced!?" Anyways, their love was getting smooth, but some misunderstandings from the past just can't be left behind for them to have happiness. However, once misunderstandings are understood, they surely will have all the happiness that they're seeking! The ending left me with a smile! It's a good story along with an awesome artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
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