User Reviews For: The Once and Future Prince Castaldini Crown 1


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1ch1me Rating
I love Phoebe and Leandro, they're just so cute together! They were so in love when they were together at first, but something happened that caused them to break apart. And the reason is because of that hateful snake Stella ugh! She's such a cunning woman! Anyways, back to their love story, it was a bittersweet love because of what happened to them. If you're wondering what really happened to their love story, then read it! All I can add about what I just read is that, the ending was great! I rate it 5 stars for the great story and I love Min Kyuka's artwork! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
even after reading this one and two other of this series i still like the 3rd one best of all. i really enjoyed reading this. artwork were great. so is storyline, only thing i do not like about this series is stella one thing for sure. she doesnt deserve to be a queen
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