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1ch1me Rating
As much as I enjoyed reading the first story of the Castaldini Crown series, I also enjoyed and loved this second story! It was a love story that started when Gabrielle confronted Prince D'Agostino. He ignored her, but then went to find her to ask her name. But, once he learned her name, he made a cold expression saying, "You, Miss Williamson, are the enchantress who targets billionaires and makes them fall for her." Wanna know if she really is a person who would do that? Or how will these two end up together? Well, you need to read this! One thing I hate, though, is that snake Stella doing evil things again. Anyways, I really love how the story went, how things worked out for them, and the ending was totally awesome! 5 stars for their awesome love story and Min Kyuka's artwork! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
the artwork is really beautiful. storyline were good its touching but good. comparing to this one and 3rd of this series i like 3rd one better still but both are still good i am glad durante were able to put his grudge aside for gabrielle and his father. the king really did wonderful job of getting them together
lovemekyoya Rating
She was brave to tell him she'd pay him just to have one hour worth him and love develops so much after that yay
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