User Reviews For: The Twelve Nights of Christmas


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chicobaby04 Rating
that was awful that rio had to find his mother dead under the tree. thats terrible. i am glad evie were able to ease his pain as well as eliza. they really look great i really like this story
kittyrevelry Rating
Gaping plot holes and emotional manipulation.
Deb11 Rating
The story was well written, I recommend this manga if yu like stories that revolve around the holidays
1ch1me Rating
It was such a nice story to read! I had mixed emotions when I read it. I was sad when the main girl was chased out of her flat and her "supposed to be" wedding day was on the same day! I was happy when they met each other, but at the same time, I was pissed at that cunning man called Carlos! Ugh! Couldn't stand his "clueless face!?" Nevertheless, thanks to him, they both met each other! They both look attractive and when they're beside each other, they look so good! Anyways, when I learned why the main guy hates Christmas, I was so sad! But can the main girl influence him to also love Christmas? Well, how about you find it out by reading this amazing story! For me, I love how the story went from how they met to pretend engaged couple until they finally admit they love each other! I loved the ending; a "Happy Family" indeed! 5 stars for the amazing story and great artwork! I definitely recommend it!
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