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1ch1me Rating
In this story, I liked Lucas and Nadia together since they really look good beside each other. They also had cute moments together. I liked how Nadia's father, Everett Kincaid, played "as a cupid" to get them back together, but I hated him at first because he sure was a cunning man. Nevertheless, as I read through the whole story, I never imagined that he, who is so cunning, can love only one woman in his whole life. Anyways, for me, I really enjoyed reading it! The ending was definitely good! As to how the story went, I suggest reading this manga! 5 stars because of the beautiful artwork and the interesting story!
chicobaby04 Rating
after reading this manga all i can say is wow. im speechless i cant believe a father would do such thing like that, i cant imagine the painful they had to endure through im glad they overcome it. would have been nice if father step forward and admit everything. this manga left me speechless i recommend this manga
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