User Reviews For: The Greek Tycoon's Secret Heir Sons of Privilege 1


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1ch1me Rating
I definitely love Kyoko Sagara's artwork, so it's definitely a 5 star for me. Not only that, the story was to my taste, even though I hate the leading man at first because of his attitude towards the leading lady. How can he not believe the words of the woman who he deeply loved? I had mixed emotions as I read the manga. I smiled because of how cute their child is. I was angry at the guy because of how he sticks up to what he believes. It also made me sad for the woman because of how she looks at him with her sad eyes (which clearly tells how she truly loves him!) Overall, I definitely enjoyed reading it and I was satisfied with the ending. Totally recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
even after reading this one i still like the 3rd one better of all. jealousy or rage doesnt help any though he should have had more faith in her and confronted her and listen to her side instead of pushing her away but this is really good story, then again i like 3rd one best of all
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