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chicobaby04 Rating
there were family complication in this story but that is what made everything even more interesting. its really good. i really enjoyed reading this very much
oathbreaker1 Rating
What a beautiful book cover. The art work is amazing. The secrets that are kept in this family almost led to chaos but they were there for a reason. Question are secrets always bad or can they led to a good outcome. Let me say both main characters are so beautiful and kind while being tough that it captivates you. The story is almost like a fairytale with dark undertones and that is what spices it up. I really enjoyed reading the story and the way it drew me in to see not only what is going to happen to this couple but also what happen to the other couples in this series. So please do not hesitate to read and enjoy the entire series you will be highly entertained.
Jaibyrd13 Rating
This was the first manga I rented here, and it was very good, turned me on to the rest of the series which is "The Once and Future Prince" and "The Prodigal Prince's Seduction". Love the art and the story's very compelling but interestingly enough these manga made me seek out the original books these were based off of. While the other two follow the books with a bit of deviation, this one is COMPLETELY different from the original book. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love this manga, but if you're interested in checking out the books as well, you'll be in for a shock on this one is very, very different. With that said, enjoy!
lovemekyoya Rating
Hw was to cruel to her saying that she's easy when all it is is that she fell in love with him at first sight
1ch1me Rating
Unquestionably, I was captivated by Min Kyuka's artwork that it made me read all three Castaldini Crown stories. I must say that I absolutely enjoyed reading it! From the other two stories, this one had the most complicated story. It is the only story where, from what I remember, secrets/truth were revealed after the other. The only "princess" of Castaldini is innocent when it comes to love. Ferrucio, on the other hand, has the face of a playboy that all beautiful women surround him at the party. Nonetheless, when they are beside each other, they really look good together. How will these two end up together? Well, it is up to you whether you read it or not! As for me, I am really satisfied with the story. I can definitely say that I enjoyed reading all three Castaldini Crown stories. I really loved the ending because I could see all of the 3 couples from all stories in one page! Overall, I rate this 5 stars for the story and artwork! Definitely a MUST-READ story & series!
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