User Reviews For: Stranger Danger - A Train Packed with Perverts


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lovemekyoya Rating
It was omg so good and how he confessed to the one he love was so nice that's y i like yaoi manga
ebookrenta035m3ebnz Rating
I never leave review, but I did it here to deny the person who says he looks like a child, it's not true they draw him more youthful and delicate but he doesn't look like a child and the character is in college so he isn't a child. I love the story and leave you wanting more, it's quite cute.
JesTal Rating
I really liked the storyline, so I feel bad about this review, but the way that mao was drawn was a little creepy... he looks like a child. I think the story would have carried a lot more weight anyway if he were drawn in a manlier way.
SuPeRoTaKu Rating
The situation was a tad inconcievable... And possibly quite, or to me personally, frustrating, because the main character is quite a bit weak.... But, all's well that ends well. I'd personally only pay for 48 hours with tickets, because I don't think it's worth money or keeping forever. It was good though. 3 stars!
Kamariaanya Rating
Slightly unbelievable, but not enough you can't enjoy this very sweet story! It was almost to short; I wanted more! If you like heroic cops you will love this.
Cyfi Rating
mmmm. delicious! this is my kind of yaoi
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