User Reviews For: Gangster Harem - The Struggle to Become the King of the Bathhouse


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VerdantWind Rating
It's rather fast but a pretty cute sort of story anyway! I don't think it's everyone's cup of tea but I liked the idea of deeper backstory going on. Wish it'd have more on that, but I guess we'll see!
MissMaus Rating
I wanna know who his grandpa was. Dude was thunder in a bottle I bet. A cute story of baths, turf wars, and lost memories. Sweet and a little dark at times. Remember people, anyone who takes the time for a bath deserves one.
Hleskosek Rating
Omg melting totally thought the style is writting was very in tune with culture wars
Leatrixrmf Rating
Short and sweet. Story was a bit rushed, but it had a reasonable resolution, if somewhat predictable. Would have loved to had more back story on some of the gang rivalries and even an extended final chapter.Probably a better rental than a purchase.
RavenRose1 Rating
I love it please update soon