User Reviews For: The Most Enthusiastic S Host -The Plain OL That Falls into a Hole-


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shilyte Rating
if you want a smut manga it's good to pass the time.For me though,I know it was a one-shot, this was just to rushed. It had the usual cliches, which i don't mind,but there was no build up. Just a rush from a to z with none of the things that make a one shot good for me. So read at your own risk.
1ch1me Rating
Well, it's exactly just like the synopsis had stated. Haruka is an office lady and Minato works at the same company. He always look tired and staggers around when he's working by day, but Haruka thinks that he's a wonderful person. Will she still think that about him when she goes to the place he works at night? It's a Host Club and he's the most popular host! What happens after she went there for the first time? Why don't you check it out yourself to see what happens? It's a good story for a Love Manga! Also, I like how Minato acts jealous when a man approaches Haruka. That's just shows how he feels about her. Anyways, it was a good story and good artwork, so I rate it 5 stars! It's a Love Manga, so "read it at your own risk!" I recommend it!
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