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chicobaby04 Rating
it was good that domenic were able to find opal's mother. if domenic wanted to marry her because he fell for her he could have said that so opal ddnt have to worry about useless stuff for nothing i think domenic and opal made a wonderful couple
sakueva Rating
Very very nice. Even though theres only one volume (as of now) the story progresses with both sweet and bitter times. Definitely a must read if you're looking for a short yet complete story.
1ch1me Rating
From the point of view of the leading lady, Domenic Silvagni is a playboy! But, what if she, a serious type of woman, fell in love with him who is totally the opposite of her? Is the saying, "opposites attract each other" true? Based on what I read, I think it depicts what the quote says! At first, it was only an agreement between them, but as time goes by, they can finally understand each other and slowly falling in love. Although, along the way, they had obstacles to go through, but when it comes to how they both love/attract each other, "nothing is impossible!" I loved how the story went,I love the ending, I love the artwork, and I totally enjoyed reading it! Overall, it was amazing! That's why my rating is 5 stars! Definitely recommend it!