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chicobaby04 Rating
i got to applause amy's courageous for taking big risk to help marcus to prove his innocence their act i agree was an top notch act. storyline is great!! so is artwork. between two other and this manga i find i like this one and the one with anthony and georgi best of all this is the first best the one with anthony and georgi is 2nd
oathbreaker1 Rating
Oh do like her character she is strong willful and discreet. The hero is true to himself and seems to delight in making her flustered which the saying goes you can never take the boy out of the man. They always have the knack to pick on the women that they like the most. There is another story here the clues have been dropped. I can say that the love they have for each other is precious because it will always shine. The drawing on the front cover along with the inside pages are very well done. There is a point to reading these type of books it is to get a glimpse of the past that has shaped the world of today. a very nice love story.
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