User Reviews For: Peach-Colored Taxi - 801 Yen to Ride


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shima Rating
i havent read part 2 yet, but well, part 1 ended with a cliffhanger. its a good concept, quite sexy and funny in a way. probably this will come in more parts (not only just 2 i mean)
lovemekyoya Rating
That would be something if that actually exist in real the idea
oathbreaker1 Rating
Can we say unrequited love and grumbling old man and comedy thrown in. I am enjoying this story the main person is being pursed playing hard to get when we all know that he will win his love in the end. Ha! Enjoy
Susan Rating
It's a very good story line. I can see some taxis becoming like that in the future if they haven't already done it. I like stories that have a love or something in school or somewhere and then they meet later on after not seeing each other in a while just like this story does.
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