User Reviews For: Exquisite Butlers of the Submissive Bus Tour -Princess, It's Time for Your Punishment-


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ChineseGeekFTW Rating
This manga was actually sweet and romantic in some ways. I love how the author rose suspicion but then smoothly let it flow. After reading this once I'm positive you'll read it over and over! Please give it a try!!!
1ch1me Rating
I was really looking forward to reading this because of its well-drawn full colored title page! Even though it has only 20+ pages, unexpectedly, it did meet my expectations. I liked how the main girl and her ex-boyfriend meet again. To me, it seemed like a story between a "princess" and her one and only "butler". (Even though they are just normal people, it's just my wishful thinking anyways). It was drawn really great and even though it was only a "short story" it was a fine story so I give it 5 stars. This is a Love Manga, so "read it at your own risk". I would recommend it.
3240661211 Rating
Imagine having a super sexy man waiting on you hand and foot and treating you like a princess all day; sounds like every woman's dream, right?. But it gets better. They are sweet and gentle during the day...but wicked and sexy after midnight! Now that, is truly every woman's dream!
Lily102 Rating
It was a good way of story.I like it.
laniaash Rating
Pretty awesome so far, though the morality of the first chapter disturbs me a bit. I'm looking forward to seeing the stories of the rest of the butlers.
nightclaw Rating
Just recently joined Renta, so far this is my favorite Spicy Lover read. Men start off as sweet butlers but when the shift ends they become men of desire. Who shall surrender to them?
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