User Reviews For: A Tale of S & M - Forcibly Aroused - My Two Faces


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Arzella Rating
waste of points
MagicalSakura Rating
This felt like a waste of Tickets, based off the sample I was expecting something completely different. This feels more like it was intended for men then women. If your looking for something about a women awakening as a masochist and becoming a sex slave for men by night, then sure read this.
1ch1me Rating
Who would've thought that a "boring office lady" by day can be a "masked sexy mistress" at night!? From being S in the club to being M to a very S man at her office, what type of pleasure does she get? Well, "read it at your own risk" since it is a Love Manga! I give it 5 stars because for me it had 40+ pages so that's a plus. The story was fine, the artwork was good and also, even though the ending was kind of unexpected, it was still ok. It is still up to you whether you read it or not. For me, who have read it, I am just stating my opinion on it.
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