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1ch1me Rating
Prince Drax tells his twin brother to believe in him to find a dignified, beautiful bride worthy of him, Vere the twin brother, Emir of Dhurahn. One day, he saw Sadie who was getting fired and being thrown out, then helped her pick up a book and also helping her get up. Right after she left, Drax picked up the passport of Saddie Murray, 20 years old, single, and an English citizen. Rushing out saying he just remembered some urgent business while he was thinking, "I found her! She's the one!" He caught up with her and told her that he can offer her another job as she was qualified to work in the financial service industry. Then the story goes on, until she met Vere. Drax witnessed her smiling while she was with Vere, then suddenly thought, "To think my feelings for Sadie had become this strong!" Anyways, how about you read this wonderful story to see how Drax finally told Sadie how he really feels!? The story and artwork were wonderful, so I rate it 5 stars! I definitely recommend it!
chicobaby04 Rating
its a shame that they had to deceive her but im glad they resolved the problem and were able to move on and only thing i hate about this story is sexist part regarding to work
lovemekyoya Rating
Love the legends of foreign countrys that just make one fall in love with wanting that same kind of love story and want to make it into real life.
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