User Reviews For: Enticed by His Forgotten Lover Pregnancy & Passion 1


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chicobaby04 Rating
i completely agree with 1ch1me's review this is really good story i highly recommend this manga though i am glad rafe corrected his ways when he remembers everything and good thing it was not to late
lovemekyoya Rating
I loved it.... eapecially the part where he loses his memory then he fell deeply in love with the woman that he was pretending to love before now he's trying to regain her love by doing wats right....... yay......:-)
1ch1me Rating
I read this because of its captivating full-color opening page. I knew from then that it is going to be an interesting story & no doubt it was great! From the beginning where the lead guy had no memories of the leading lady. To its turning point where she heard the truth about what he really thought of her at first. To the ending where ....... (well i'll just leave it at that because it is better if you will read it!). Overall, I enjoyed reading it. The artwork was fine and goes really well with how the story went from the beginning till the end! That is why I rated it 5 stars and I definitely recommend it!
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