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chicobaby04 Rating
its bit interesting, i didnt know cassandra were eve's mother till later, she would have spared eve all pain if she went through proper channel for adoption instead of just selling her, but its good that eve were able to get better life when grandma found her and able to love only thing i didnt like about this manga is fonts are too small for me to read i had to zoom in 5 times to be able to read without staring to read
lovemekyoya Rating
I never would have thought that that was her daughter and she fell in love with the same guy like her mom but the guy seems to like her so much that he do anything for her what a true love story love it love it love it highly recommended it awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
oathbreaker1 Rating
This is a story i really enjoyed. The characters are engaging in telling about some of the background story with a twist I did not see coming it surprised me and that does not happen very often. I am one of those people that see it coming from a mile a way. One of the main characters is looking for home i can relate home is where your heart is not where your born. So please sit down and read this wonderful story.
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