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oathbreaker1 Rating
Let me start off by saying I enjoyed both stories. First one we have a spoil prince who is handsome and spoilt and thinks that he deserves everything because he missed being loved when he was growing up. Then we have our heroine who teaches our prince that there is more to life then things that make you happy. Now put these two together and watch love work it self in and you have a charming love story.The second one is a klutzy beautiful heroine lets say her luck is always running out in one way or another. Then we have a prince who has lost his confidence in his abilities to rule throw in some intrigue with some misunderstandings perfect formula for comedy, love and hope.
lovemekyoya Rating
the two sores are just soo different but it makes you want to experience what its like to be in love with a prince and try to help him in any way possible way and the first story just make you want to do anything you can just to receive the love from someone special
chicobaby04 Rating
i never really like two story combined into one manga, probably because then story becomes to short. i feel if its to short then its too fast developed love story without any twist plots or stuff like that but this manga is still good story i really enjoyed it each story being to short is only reason why i didnt like it then again its my own fault for reading it though i knew there was two story in this manga anyway i recommend this manga
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